David B Laning, PhD, MBA 530-318-0900, dblaning@alum.mit.edu

Professional Areas of Expertise - Software Development(.NET, LAMP, Embedded Systems), Computer Vision, Diagnostic Imaging, Applied Physics
EBI Security Clearance – Active (administered by Lockheed)

Defense and Software Professional Experience
2004 to Present: Lockheed, Boeing (through Simulogix LLC , San Mateo, CA, a Contract Placement Agency)
Software/Simulation/Systems Engineer

Feb 2006 – Present
- Working for Lockheed Martin – Special Programs on real-time simulators

running on Linux and written in C, C++ and Fortran. Responsible for the embedded software development for a rack-mounted ground software equipment portion of a real time simulator for hardware in the loop training and testing. Also performed FPGA development for custom daughter cards used in the rack-mounted system. Extensive use of logic Analyzers, network analyzers and oscilloscopes. Responsible for the product team’s configuration management of all simulation and tool software running on UNIX used to support analysis and testing. Configuration management done with Continuus/Synergy running on an SQL database. Developing trade studies for the acquisition of software and hardware. Developing simulation and analysis tools in C, C++, Perl and Matlab. Work involves classified-payload satellites being built for multiple government programs. Professional references from the Laboratory test team management and the ACS systems engineering team management are readily available.

- Working with NASA Ames - UAV Collaborative
Working on the innovative use of TeleBrowse technology for the distribution of UAV telemetry and imagery data to a wide audience via the internet. Work involves the integration of ground station software with TeleBrowse software. Final system will allow news media and other interested parties to get real time images from UAVs displayed onto mobile handheld devices such as smart-phones.

May 2004 – Feb. 2006
- Worked for Boeing Satellite Systems on numerous simulation and systems engineering tasks related to guidance navigation and control (G&NC) system development and specifically work related to attitude determination (ADS) and attitude control (ACS) systems. Specific tasks include unit test case development, Simulink, Matlab, C and C++ model development, simkeeper responsibility for entire vehicle simulations, algorithm documentation, bus module test data analysis and anomaly resolution, Engineering and Software Change Requests, code verification, and Failure Detection, Identification and Response. Work involves multiple classified-payload satellites being built for multiple government programs.

1999-Present StanfordSoft Inc, Camas, WA
President and Owner, Software Development and Engineering Company
Clients, Assignments and Part-time Teaching work:

April 2004 – Present
- Working (part-time) on a patent-pending software product line to enable internet co-browsing through various real time presence and remote procedure call technologies. Product line software consists of multiple technologies and is being written in C++, C, PHP, Javascript, XML, (AJAX), .NET, SQL, ADO.NET, Perl, TCL/TK, MFC, COM and Visual Basic, and VBA. Machine environments used are UNIX, Linux and MS Windows. Development tools used include, GCC, CVS, Visual C++ 6, Visual C++ , Flash, .NET, Visual Basic, MKS toolkit, Cygwin and MySQL

February 1999 – April 2004 (full-time)
- Adjunct Faculty Member, California State University Sacramento in the College of Business Administration, (MIS Department) and the School of Engineering (Computer Science Department): Taught classes in Java application programming, Java graphics programming, Object Oriented programming , and 3D graphics programming.
- Consilient Inc, Berkeley, California: Director of Engineering Training and Partner Certification. Developed under contract the software engineering training and partner certification program for this 120 person company’s Java-based (J2EE) software product line.
- Amdocs International, Toronto Canada. Developed under contract the Oracle SQL database administrators systems design guide for this company’s product, also taught classes on the company’s online internet billing system for clients.
- ITT Technical Institute, Sacramento: Taught night classes in C programming, Linux, Numerical methods, Advanced Calculus, Internet and Intellectual Property Law, Macroeconomics, and Data Communications
- Delegata Corportation, Sacramento: Developed under contract software information systems for the State of California for use by the California Franchise Tax Board. Applications written in C, C++, Javascript and .NET.
- Jones International University: Developed under contract curricula for 2 courses on e-commerce for the online MBA program
- Klee Associates, Cedaredge, Colorado, Online Publisher: Developed under contract a publication for distribution called PeopleSoft Tips.

Pre-1999 Experience
PeopleSoft (Now Oracle), Pleasanton, CA
Director, Engineering
Developed software products for enterprise supply chain management. Developed the PeopleSoft Implementation Toolkit. Responsible for the engineering of products that at the time generated around 20M$ of annual revenue. Products written in Oracle SQL and PeopleTools.

Xerox Corporation, Palo Alto, CA
Manager of Software Engineering
Developed and shipped multifunction products for the business and consumer marketplace. Responsible for the engineering of products that at the time generated around 100M$ of annual revenue. Products developed in C++ and C for both the Windows PC and embedded machine platforms.

Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA
Program Manager
Responsible for the program management of the product known as Object Linking and Embedding 2.0. This is a core technology internal to Microsoft Windows now known as ActiveX and COM. Product written in C++. Shipped product in 1993. This product technology currently runs on every Microsoft Windows system worldwide since 1993 which at current count is around 1.1 billion computers.

Loral Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA
Technical Program Manager
Responsible for the development of a real-time satellite simulator for the Air Force based on development done in Matrixx and written in C and C++. Real-time simulation environment was installed and demonstrated to the Air Force in an operational environment at secure satellite telemetry ground station.

IntelliCorp, Mountain View, CA
Senior Program Manager
Responsible for the expert systems development for process control and manufacturing applications written in C++, C and LISP.

Stanford Research Institute (Now SRI International), Menlo Park, CA.
Technology Management Consultant

Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, MA
Senior Engineer
Responsible for the development of fault tolerant instrumentation and control systems derived from aerospace and flight navigation and control applications for use in the nuclear power industry and other process control industries. Code written in Fortran.

MIT-Nuclear Engineering and Applied Physics (PhD), Cambridge, MA
Majored in medical applications of radiation. Doctoral thesis in 3-dimensional imaging and elemental analysis using computerized axial tomography. Developed instrumentation and control systems for precise data acquisition and extensive data analysis, simulation and visualization. Real time code written in Assembly language. Analysis and image reconstruction code written in Fortran. Studied under Professor Gordon Brownell, inventor of positron emission tomography.
Graduated with High Honors. (1st in my doctoral class)

MIT-Sloan School of Management (MBA), Cambridge, MA
Majored in technology management and entrepreneurship. Studied under Prof. Edward Roberts, Director of the MIT Center for Entrepreneurship.
Graduated with Honors.

University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.S.), Engineering Physics and Applied Mathematics, Madison, WI
Paid entirely for my own education by working as a work-study student in the Physics Department. Worked under Prof Lee Pondrom on the team that discovered the hyperon particle for which Prof Pondrom won the Panofsky Prize for Physics.
Graduated with High Honors.

Lists of publications, patents, references, and professional affiliations are available upon request.